Grow naturally, blur boundaries- Midea·NINE PEKING

Firm LocationCHONGQING, China
CompanyDAOYUAN Design | 道远设计
Lead ArchitectChen Huiqiong
Design TeamChen Puqian, Zhou Xuemei, Liu Lingli, He Jincan, Ding Yijun, Gong Luqin, Zhang Xiao, Bai Yi, Wu Yongpan
ClientMidea Property southwest Region

As a tolerant site environment, the landscape exists in the form of a background, without taking any sporadic “elements” as the protagonist. Through the natural growth of plants and vitality atmosphere, the boundary between the site and the building, the interior and the exterior, the city and the forest is blurred, so that it is harmonious and compatible with the building without any sense of disharmony.Behind the seemingly disorderly “pro-nature”, there are actually many well-thought-out and orderly considerations, so that people can better perceive the space and gain some sense of peace.