Bird Virw of Xiangshan Lake Park ©Wei Li

Xiangshan Lake Park

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationZhuhai, China
CompanyPMA (PolyMorphArchitects), Zhuhai Institute of Urban Planning & Design, Zhuhai Zhengfang Urban Development Group CO .,LTD
Lead ArchitectChuan Wang
Design TeamXiaoyi Teng, Yujun Zou,Xiaoyu Zhang, Yiwen Liu, Ziyun Chen, Yi Shi , Xiaoju Liao, Marco Dambrogio ,Yuan Chen, Yongtaoliu(Schematic Design); Wenxuan Qiao, Haitao Ma, Ying Mu, Kun Zhang, Ruishan Shi, Jiayu Wei, Yan Xue(Design Development)
ClientXiangzhou District Investment Construction Engineer Management Center of Zhuhai Municipality, Zhuhai Municipal Administration and Forestry Bureau

Xiangshan Lake Park is located in the southwest of the Phoenix Mountain Forest Park and the downstream of Meixi reservoir, covering an area of 34.6 hectares. Sitting at the heart of the Zhuhai city and surrounded by high-rise residential buildings, where urbanization progress meets ecological network, and shows a possible way of discussing urban landscape. Xiangshan Lake Park has adopted a streamlined design language and through this communication tool, the design team intends to restore the symbiotic relationship between the city and landscape while respecting the existing site conditions.