[Ma_A - Mediterranean architecture Atelier-Greece + BMT Studio - Patras Waterfront (Greece) - COVER IMG] Alexios Tzompanakis

Patras Waterfront (Greece)

Firm LocationIraklion, Greece
Project locationPatras, Achaia Prefecture, Greece
CompanyMa_A - Mediterranean architecture Atelier-Greece + BMT Studio
Lead ArchitectAlexios Tzompanakis
Design TeamProject Architects: Alexios Tzompanakis Alexandros-Theocharis Vazakas. Design Team: Mpenioudaki Aggeliki, Papadopoulou Iris, Raat Karolos, Vitorakis Vasileios, Vrakidi Styliani. Associates: Klovidaki E. Proimou Th. Consultants: Architectural Design Consultant ΟΤΜ ΑΤΕ (Riga M., Vetta Th., Antonopoulos E.) Bioclimatic Architecture Consultant Mandalaki M.
ClientPatras Municipality

The project is based on the interpretation of Patras’ urban morphology dynamics. This analysis shows that the urban fabric of the city is a field of "enclaves" and "microcosms" that define different urban units, which blur from one into the other. There are no clear boundaries but zones of transition and osmosis between microcosms. Therefore, the main object of the strategy is the creation of an "interface" between the city and the port as a unifying condition that connects local specificities. In this context, the proposal aims to redefine an extremely long coastal front.