[Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd - Nebula - COVER IMG] Yanming Photos, Xuanmin jin


Firm Location Shanghai City, China
Project locationShanghai, China
CompanyShanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd
Lead ArchitectZhang Li
Design TeamChen Meng, Yang Si Bei

Creating aesthetics from nothingness, the designer embedded exquisiteness and effulgence mostly under the dim lights. A lingering charm beyond words is thus born from the poetic ambience. Here, beauty does not come from the objects we see but the shadow, lightness, ripples in between them. The title of this art gallery space, “Nebula,” symbolizes the infinite prosperity that goes far away and beyond. Just as the essence of literary gathering in history, what matters the most in this design is the casualness, the conciseness, the comfort and serenity generated during the process.