PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationVancouver, Bc, Canada
CompanyArno Matis Architecture
Lead ArchitectArno Matis

Located between a single-family neighbourhood
developed in the sixties and a rapid-transit
station site, this multi-residential project
demanded a new form of transit-oriented
density that is sensitive to these two
contrasting urban conditions.

A full city-block site, Aperture responds to
this “single-family-transitioning-to-urban”
context by stepping-down in scale from a 6-
storey midrise block on the arterial, down to
two-storey villas, sensitive to the single-
family neighborhood to the north.

The building blocks are bisected with water
gardens and bamboo courtyards that animate
volumes with reflective light. The shallow
massing results in bright, light-filled
residences. Unit mix is much like its diverse
neighbourhood, varying from one bedroom
apartments to standalone three-storey villas
with direct parking access.

Stratigraphic architectural themes echo the
area’s mid-century modern architectural
vocabulary. Cantilever decks and strong
horizontal lines and create a sense of
lightness and lower the massing profile.

PASSIVE SHADING: Façade openings are
programmed to provide passive shading, and act
like an Aperture: opening and closing in
response to the unique solar exposure of each
façade. Apertures are deeper on the south
elevation to provide increased sun shading,
and more shallow and open to the North, to
allow for additional light.