Hotel Solitaire

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationBuffalo, United States
CompanyDioinno Architecture Pllc
Lead ArchitectJin Young Song
Project Videohttp://

Hotel Solitaire is a proposal for an inspirational hotel where people can enjoy absolute freedom. This eventful architecture proposed under the bridges in Seoul can happen anywhere. The prefabricated module based on lightweight steel framing and cable structure is delivered from off-site factory with minimal infrastructure hookup. The hotel units are attached under the bridges for emergence of inspirational space. The module can travel, based on the season, market needs and urban strategy. There is a hotel lobby at the pier and after the check in, ferries with special lift carry the guest to the unit. This is the only way to get to and leave the room. Being in the heart of the city, maximizing the scenic experience on the water, the guest achieves the absolute isolation and freedom, uninterrupted by any external factors. The skin of the unit is a parametric wrapper responding to the user’s need. It can open and close by simple motor and overlapping of L- shape thin aluminum panels. While the guest enjoys the absolute freedom, the structurally efficient hanging structure works as an icon and ornaments in the city.