Ryska Posten Frihamnen

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationStockholm, Sweden
CompanyVida Architecture & Design Studio
Design TeamErik Berndtsson, Mathias Wagmo, Ellen Westerin, Victoria Söderlindh, Leonardo Beccari
ClientRyska Posten

Stockholms most noticeable logistics company Ryska Posten gave Vida arkitektkontor the assignment to help them find and shape their new home. On approx 2000 sq m in the Frihamnen area an existing concrete floor laid the foundation for an office complex that has the feel and function of a mini village. Closed and open areas interact and interweave to give this young company the possibility to continue evolve, grow and have great fun at work. The massive square outline of the office made it extra important to work with distinctive sight- and light lines. Transparent materials such as glass wall systems and see-through expanded metal panels were used extensively and with it we reached the prerequisite sense of togetherness for the employees. Design elements as shelving, cable socks and conference room lighting are designed and produced by Vida arkitektkontor.