PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationStockholm, Sweden
CompanyVida Architecture & Design Studio
Design TeamEllen Westerin, Jonas Wagmo, Mikael Slotte, Matilda Lindborg, Mathias Wagmo, Erik Berndtsson, Leonardo Beccari
ClientReal estate broker firm

When an exclusive real estate agency approached Vida they needed to remake their boutique office in the area of Östermalm as well as a newly acquired space in Stockholm’s Vasastan district. The two should be similar, creating a strong identity sustainable even for future expansions, but each with a local touch. The aim was to create attractive spaces for the team to work in that was at the same time part of the urban fabric, inviting people to pop in. The honesty and no-nonsense in materials is the identity of both office spaces; wood block podiums, plywood and concrete with details of steel and coloured MDF board. The local markers are in the nuances. In the more upscale area of Östermalm the head office is fitted out with massive oak blocks and partitions and other joinery of oak-veneered plywood. The individual workspace that is made up of Vida’s own furniture; Skintable, Draw and Holdpress, has worktops and cabinets in dollar green MDF board. The office located in the younger and more vibrant Vasastan has pine dominate in podium wood blocks and plywood. The workspace table tops and cabinets beams a bold purple.