[YKK AP America, Inc. - YWW 60 XT window wall - COVER IMG] The YWW 60 XT window wall system by YKK AP America, Inc., delivers exceptional versatility, clean design and unmatched thermal performance.

YWW 60 XT window wall

LocationAustell, Georgia, United States
CompanyYKK AP America, Inc.
Lead DesignerYKK AP America, Inc.

The YWW 60 XT’s clean design, fast installation and structural load capacity make it ideal for mid-to-high rise buildings, while its unmatched thermal performance provides the design versatility needed for construction in locations with cold weather climates. Utilizing YKK AP’s patented ThermaBond Plus® technology enhances thermal performance, as well as a pour and debridge system which increases energy savings, and a patented process to prevent dry shrinkage. It can also handle taller spans of glass (up to 12-foot mullion spans), providing an innovative product option in cold-weather regions.