K′gi – 苧麻工藝場域 Ramie Craft Exhibition

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs
Lead Architect李泓澂 Li,Hong-Cheng
Design Team莊以晨 Chuang,I-Chen / 林青詠 Lin,Ching-Yung

我們創造一個編織體驗空間,提供人們認識和理解編織的傳統原料 - 苧麻,由處理到織造完整流程,達到現代文化與原民文化的匯流,促進人和文化之間的互動,連結場域和社區環境,讓空間成為社區的資源 We would like to create a weaving-experiencing field for people to recognize and understand the raw weaving material, namely ramie, and its procedure of processing and weaving, and with a goal for modern and aboriginal cultural Integration. Simultaneously, the field is established for interaction between people and culture and to link with the social environment and plan to let the area be an abundant resource of the community.