Sharing Light

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning
University/SchoolNational Taiwan College of Performing Arts
Lead ArchitectYI HUA TSAY
Design TeamTaiwan College of Performing Arts TSAY-YI-HUA
ClientThis design is a project to solve the problem of night travel and firefly ecology. Green energy design project for Liyu Lake in Hualien, Taiwan

Liyu Lake in Hualien, Taiwan is the largest inland lake in eastern Taiwan. The sound of frogs and birds can be heard everywhere in April and May every year, and fireflies are flickering and flying on the side of the mountain. This project creates a friendly field that reduces light pollution, and uses the bio-light concept of fireflies to create a firefly appreciation without disturbing fireflies, And at the same time while preserving pedestrain safety.This is not only conducive to ecological protection, but also makes people feel the night:poetry and romance in the haze.