[Sara Rawlinson Photography - Illuminating Cambridge Libraries - COVER IMG] The Old Library at Jesus College, Cambridge. The library has remained in near original condition since it was built in the early 1600s.

Illuminating Cambridge Libraries

LocationCambridge, United Kingdom
StudioSara Rawlinson Photography
PhotographerSara Rawlinson

The Illuminating Cambridge Libraries series honours features that enable the dissemination and preservation of knowledge. With this series, Sara Rawlinson honours the many librarians in her life, honours the libraries that kept her interested and interesting throughout the years, and honours the concept of university education. "And so I spent some time pondering the idea that the nucleus of a university resides in its knowledge contained, preserved, and disseminated: without a library, there is no university." (quote from Rawlinson's self-published book Illuminating Cambridge Libraries)