[Sara Rawlinson Photography - King's College Chapel - COVER IMG] This image at King's College Chapel with candles lit for choir rehearsal was made within a 30 second available window for setting up, taking the 8-second exposure, and take down.

King's College Chapel

LocationCambridge, United Kingdom
StudioSara Rawlinson Photography
PhotographerSara Rawlinson

One of England's national treasures, King's College Chapel was built by three kings (Henry VI, Henry VII, Henry VIII) over the span of 100 years. Sara Rawlinson was invited by the current Dean of Chapel to complete a large photographic series throughout the chapel (from 2018-2020). Photographing from unique viewpoints at both ground level and up in a cherry picker, Rawlinson's unrepeatable images continue the 500+ year long story of awe and wonder attributed to this living breathing sacred site.