PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Furnishing
LocationEsfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyConex studio
Lead DesignerMahshid Safari - Seyed Amirhossein Mirmoeini
Design Teammohammad aref ghorbani - shahrnoosh moradi fallah langarudi - pooya amir nahavandi rahbar

Cozy is a different chair for a comfortable and different experience for different users. In modern life, sitting plays a very important role in our lifestyle. We spend most of our time in a sitting position during the day, this was the main design concern. Cozy was designed to sitting properly and reduce spine problems and diseases. Cozy was designed using the ergonomic proportions of gaming chairs for this reason, the user experiences a new, fresh, and comfortable feeling. But this chair is not designed for gaming, it is designed for use in different parts of house.It can be placed in differ