Housing La Chapelle

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Social Housing
Firm LocationGeneva, Switzerland
Lead ArchitectLaurent Lin, Alain Robbe, Rolf Seiler
Design TeamMaria Cunha Bruno Da Cruz Sébastien Le Dortz David Malaval Jean-Philippe Schopfer Tunca Senol Amaëlle Vuagniaux

The project proposed a geometrical spacing of the plots, thus reducing the serial nature of the urban masterplan by varying the alignments and perceptions of the ensemble. This volumetric complexity increased the harmony of the district and enhanced the areas between buildings. The geometric structure of the volumes enables all apartments to benefit from an angle, therefore avoiding single-sided orientation for the three rooms. All six apartments on each floor extend around a corner loggia, creating a distinction between kitchen/dining and living areas, while maintaining spaciousness.