Banderas Bay Market and Neighborhood Park

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationNayarit, Mexico
Lead ArchitectMatías Martínez
Design TeamGisela Reyna Miranda, Daniela Hernández Hernández, Frida Baños Hoffman, Víctor Hugo Casasola Olvera, Juan Carlos Cervantes Pérez, Carlos Cortés López, Alondra Garduño Luna, Hugo González Arriaga, Édgar Josué Granados Ruíz, Abel Mondragón Rivero, Circe Orozco Hernández, Luisa Pérez Hernández, Jesús Uriel Razo Jiménez, Xóchitl Urbina Meléndez, Krist Jan Van Herck Delgado
ClientSEDATU Ministry of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development

The master plan covers an area of more than 30'000 sqm, and houses both the market and sports fields for basketball, baseball, and soccer. One main challenge was regenerating the deteriorated areas by improving their function and integration through design, location, and orientation. The market plays a fundamental role as an urban catalyst. The “umbrella structures” are configured asymmetrically and are lower on one side, providing passive lighting and natural ventilation systems. All materials were left in their natural condition to allow the building to age in a dignified manner.