Natatorium of Southeast University

Firm LocationNanjing, China
Project locationNanjing, China
CompanyZhou Qi Studio of Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. of Southeast University
Lead ArchitectZHOU Qi
Design TeamYANG Jun, YANG Wenjun, HU Die, FU Xiuzhang, GUO Yangbo, LI Xiang, ZHANG Benlin, MA Zhihu, ZANG Chuanguo
ClientSoutheast University

The Natatorium of Southeast University is located near the east gate of the Jiulonghu Campus, on the north side of Jiulonghu Gymnasium. When faced with this long-awaited project, we wanted to create a sense of intimacy, place, and continuity of the university context to the campus. The arc of the building is like a flower, woven together in 7 repeating forms, which makes it look lively. In addition, the building does not have a so-called "top roof", its roof and wall as a whole. You can even climb up the slope, with the whole arch under your feet.