Pheonix Mountain Sports Park

Firm LocationChengdu, China
CompanyCSWADI+HKS Architects
Lead ArchitectLi Feng
Design TeamFeng Yuan, Liang Zhe, Wang Liwei, Jiang Yuhui, Peng Tao, Liu Decheng, Zhou Zhiqiang, Xu Jianbing, Wang Jianjun, Wu Huan, Mark William, Mike Rogers
ClientCDCI Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

The project includes a 60,000-seat football stadium, an 18,000-seat comprehensive gymnasium, a club that accommodates exhibitions and catering services, a multi-functional training hall, as well as commercial, hotels and other facilities. The functional innovation brings about a breakthrough in spatial layout. The football stadium, the club and the gymnasium are woven together with graceful lines to form an iconic urban architectural complex. Serving major functions for undertaking top-level sports events and promoting sports exchanges, the project is aimed to become a first-class sports park.