[Fernanda Ahumada + FR-EE - National Pavilion of Biodiversity - COVER IMG] César Belio / Mariola Soberón

National Pavilion of Biodiversity

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationUNAM, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City, Mexico
CompanyFernanda Ahumada + FR-EE
Lead ArchitectFernanda Ahumada, Fernando Romero
Design TeamKaren García Villegas, Christiane Salem, Francisco Román, Alejandro Marin

The National Biodiversity Pavilion was designed to grow and conserve the archives of the Institute of Biology UNAM, as well as to create thematic laboratories for the scientific study of the largest collection of extinct species in Latin America. The architectural concept proposes a radiating pattern that arises from the interpretation of the Tree of Life and the idea that every living being is connected. For connecting the project directly to the site, we create 360-degree panoramic views to the natural landscape through its double façade of glass and multi-perforated aluminum.