[Morphogenesis - The Lodsi Community Project - COVER IMG] The Lodsi Community Project © Noughts and Crosses LLP_MORPHOGENESIS

The Lodsi Community Project

Firm LocationNew Delhi, India
Project locationRishikesh
Lead ArchitectSonali Rastogi
Design TeamAarushi Juneja
ClientForest Essentials

The Lodsi Community Project works with the past, present and the future to present a contemporary vernacular prototype for off-grid hill architecture, showcasing it as a medium for creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of humanity and habitat. Passive design and local construction strategies helped achieve an energy-efficient building with EPI 35kWh/m2/yr Net Zero Energy: Solar roof generating 56kWp, generating surplus thus Energy+ Net Zero Waste: repurposed fixtures, use of existing foundation & top rubble Net Zero Water: RWH system meets 100% water requirement & 2days additional storage.