[GOA (Group of Architects) - Uniview Headquarters - COVER IMG] West facade ©RudyKu

Uniview Headquarters

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Project locationHangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
CompanyGOA (Group of Architects)
Lead ArchitectCHEN Binxin
Design TeamZHENG Wenkang, GU Yu, XU Yan, LIU An, JI Xiangzhi, LI Xiaole, JIANG Jingjun, YIN Jianbo, SHI Yixiong, XU Yatian
ClientZhejiang Uniview Technologies

The design of Uniview Headquarters aligns the architectural functionality with the confidentiality control regulations of a technology headquarters by implementing a "modular integration" strategy to promote a rational, collaborative, and efficient work environment. Two distinctive atriums interconnect an administrative office tower, an R&D center, and a recreational basement. Natural light floods into atriums through expansive skylights, while open staircases enhance spatial and communicative connectivity between levels, cultivating an atmosphere for collaboration and interaction.