Polaris North Offices

Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Project locationMadrid, Spain
Companyb720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectFermín Vázquez
Design TeamFermín Vázquez, Pedro Baltar, Carlos Beizaga, Enrique Diez, Sara García, Gustavo Gaudeoso, Laura Martín, Javier Pose
ClientONIX Capital

Taking advantage of the structure of a pre-existing building, a platform is created, on which a new, efficient and representative building rests. Five floors are added with peripheral work areas and a central core of services and vertical circulation. On the core’s sides, two courtyards provide more lighting. A peripheral structural line and the use of post-tensioned slabs allow for an open floor plan, providing functional versatility. The facade is prefabricated and its elements adapt to the different solar orientations, optimizing the energy performance and the required degree of comfort.