[IUA Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos + apda - NINYAS - COVER IMG] Photography by Rafael Gamo courtesy of Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos


Firm LocationAvenida Bucareli 108, Interior: 104 Colonia: Centro Delegación: Cuauhtémoc CP 06000, Ciudad de México, Mexico
CompanyIUA Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos + apda
Lead ArchitectIUA Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos + apda
Design TeamArchitect: Ignacio Urquiza Seoane. Interior Design Principal: Ana Paula De Alba. Design Team: Michela Lostia di Santa Sofia, Alejandro Alegria, Ana Lucero Villaseñor, Fabiola Antonini, Filippo Peron.

NINYAS is a restaurant tribute to gastronomic innovation, with a rigorous focus on the fusion of two cultures: Mexican and Japanese. Located in a small space of 100 square meters, in a 20th-century building, in Mexico City. The architectural intervention is simplified by using a single material: stainless steel, which makes up the kitchen equipment and furniture, as well as the counters and perimeter walls. Simultaneously neutral and glossy, becomes the element that fills the space with vitality and color through the diffuse reflection of each visitor.