[Simplex Architecture - ANArKH Cafe & Restaurant - COVER IMG] East Façade/ Kyungsub Shin

ANArKH Cafe & Restaurant

Firm LocationSeoul, Korea, Republic of
CompanySimplex Architecture
Lead ArchitectChung Whan Park, Sanghun Song
Design TeamDesign Team: Hyunwoo Lee, Hyeok Lim, Iiseo Heo | Interior Design: Studio Eccentric (Seuk Hoon Kim)

Located in the Gosan district of Uijeongbu, ANArKH Café & Restaurant is a cultural complex where café, bakery, food, and art coexist. The view to the south and east is completely opened with glass façade, facing the forest, while the north and west façade is cladded with solid walls. The visitors will start the experience of the building going up the stairs, located on the northeast. When you arrive at the end of the stairs and turn around to look at the building, you will be able to look into the interior of the café, interacting with nature through the front window that opens to the east.