Poly Junyue Community Centre

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyGuangzhou Bohan Architectural Design Office Co., LTD. Shanghai branch
Lead ArchitectHao Fang
Design TeamDing Ning, Zhang Yuan, Yu Zechun, Wang Shaohui, Yao Yuan, Xia Yu, Liu Luopu, Bian ji
ClientPoly Development (Anhui) Holding Group Co., LTD

In the context of the revival of local culture and the promotion of modern minimalist aesthetics, "Song-style aesthetics" is once again prevalent in the field of real estate design, and the architectural landscape design also draws on the Song-style elegant lifestyle and architectural aesthetic paradigm of the gardens, so as to carry out a dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary, and to a certain extent, seek to return to the "humanistic spirit" from the "physical space".