[The Backcountry Hut Company - System 01: Great Lakes Cabin - COVER IMG] Credit: KyleChappell.Film

System 01: Great Lakes Cabin

Firm LocationVancouver, Canada
Project locationGeorgian Bay, Ontario
CompanyThe Backcountry Hut Company
Lead ArchitectMichael Leckie Architect AIBC, M. Arch
Design TeamLeckie Studio, cascadianwoodtech, Loewen Windows

The materials and aesthetic of the Great Lakes Cabin take cues from the landscape of the Canadian Shield, Ontario Cottage Country, and the Great Lakes Region of North America. The compact structure is crafted to have a minimal environmental impact on the site. Every square inch of its 595 square foot footprint is utilized -featuring a lofted sleeping area, a full bathroom, and covered exterior decks at front and back entries. The structural system is comprised of a sustainably harvested engineered glulam timber frame, clad with prefabricated insulated wall/roof/floor panels.