Social Center “Casino”, Community Development Center (CDC), and Ecological Park

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationTeapa, Tabasco, Mexico
Lead ArchitectMatías Martínez
Design TeamDaniela Hernández Hernández, Paola Alavez Navarrete, Sergio Carbajal Valladolid, Víctor Hugo Casasola Olvera, Juan Carlos Cervantes Pérez, Carlos Cortés López, Alondra Garduño Luna, Abel Mondragón Rivero, Circe Orozco Hernández, Luisa Pérez Hernández, Mariana Ramírez Hernández, Verónica Ramos Díaz, Jesús Uriel Razo Jiménez, Francisco Valencia Ibáñez
ClientSEDATU Ministry of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development

The project consists of a master plan that offers two cultural spaces and a sports area, articulated through open spaces. The “Casino” and the CDC are distributed on platforms at different stories, in order to facilitate accessibility and connection between them, a stair ramp follows the topography to connect the upper section with the street level. To the south, this staircase becomes an open-air forum that functions as the end of a plaza that provides access to the CDC and the park. In a north-south direction, the proposal includes a pedestrian walkway connecting the CDC and sports area.