[gad - Inovation Center of Binjiang High tech Zone - COVER IMG] Bird's view along the river

Inovation Center of Binjiang High tech Zone

Firm LocationHangzhou City, China
Lead ArchitectYue Cheng
Design TeamYilin Zheng, Xinxin Guo, Jun Sun, Yiyuan Shi, Jing Zhang
ClientHangzhou High-tech Financial Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

The site is situated at the entrance of Zhijiang Bridge to the Qiantang River, with existing urban buildings and majestic mountains in the distance. Considering the surrounding environment, we have conceived the concept of incorporating nature and emulating the characteristics of mountains. By utilizing the concept of pixilation, it creates a mountain-like structure which offers a climbing experience and various stopping points.The design involves two distinct high-rise towers positioned in an alternating manner, mimicking the layered composition of mountains.