[Semren & Månsson - Skaraborgs Psyciatric Hospital - COVER IMG] Semrén & Månsson/Petter Cohen

Skaraborgs Psyciatric Hospital

Firm LocationGöteborg, Sweden
Project locationLövängsvägen, 541 42 Skövde, Sweden
CompanySemren & Månsson
Lead ArchitectSophie Dufva
Design TeamSverker Karlsson – architect/teamleader. Anna Arvidson-Architecht, Johanna Vestlin - Interior designer, Hannu Kettunen - building engineer, Pernilla Segerström - building engineer, Erik Brännström - BIM Manager, Anna Lund - architect

The new psychiatric unit at Skaraborgs Hospital is a modern, integrated centre for inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care that promotes cooperation between somatic and psychiatric care. In this way, the stigma surrounding mental health is reduced by putting it on a par with other E&A care. Scandinavian architecture combined with design choices derived from research on mental health facilities, such as healing architecture, visual contact with nature and stress-reducing methods such as low social density and single patient rooms, result in a safe environment in which to work and be treated.