[Crossboundaries, Beijing - Solar + Design = Tiny Home on the Water  - COVER IMG] Tiny Home on the Water

Solar + Design = Tiny Home on the Water

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationGermany, Berlin, Stößensee
CompanyCrossboundaries, Beijing
Lead ArchitectBinke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design TeamMarijana Simic, Silvia Campi, YU Hongyu, YU Zhaoxiong
ClientMarianne Friese

Crossboundaries re-designed a fully solar-powered motorboat with high-end tiny-home characteristics functioning as a slow-motion traveling nest. his compact space is testing flexibility in micro-dwellings where each room assumes multiple programmatic roles. Some key transformable features were applied in the sleeping areas: a wide bed which fully disappears when not in use, with a comfortable sofa in its location instead. This is followed by a fully hidden bed with a function to close the control stand, which hides the more technical equipment of the boat, achieving a calmer sense of home.