[td-Atelier + ENDO SHOJIRO DESIGN - Kawamichiya Kosho-an - COVER IMG] look at the entrance garden “Genkn-niwa” It's inside the store, but it feels like outside.

Kawamichiya Kosho-an

Firm LocationKyoto, Japan
Project location448, Tachibana-cho, Gokohmachi-Dori Bukkoji kudaru, Shimogyoku, Kyoto-city, Japan
Companytd-Atelier + ENDO SHOJIRO DESIGN
Lead ArchitectMasaharu Tada + Shojiro Endo
ClientKawamichiya Kosho-an

We renovated a 110-year-old townhouse in Kyoto. It had been modified in various ways for the convenience of daily life, and their beautiful designs were sometimes hidden or destroyed. But, we tried to restore the elements of the townhouse, and add new geometry to them to revive them as a new store. We believe that the elements of townhouse have a kind of "Density of Existence". We think the gradation of the "Density of Existence" and considered new architectural parts to blend into it. In the past, soba was a fast food for the common people and a luxury item presented to Shoguns and Lords.