[Tus-Design Group CO.,Ltd - Vitality Island —— City Sub-center Upgrading and Renovation - COVER IMG] Aerial View of Vitality Islands Group

Vitality Island —— City Sub-center Upgrading and Renovation

Firm LocationSuzhou, China
Project locationSuzhou,China
CompanyTus-Design Group CO.,Ltd
Lead ArchitectMao Yongqing, He Yang
Design TeamMao Yongqing, He Yang, Zhou Xiang, Jiang Dongdong, Ye Fan, Liao Jia, Jiang Nan, Liu Xiaoxu, Chen Chi, Qian Yiting, Liu Jingwen, Gu Yachun, Zhang Zhenghai, Liang Wei, Wan Xuping, Li Fang, Chen Kai, Wei Ying, Xu Qinle, Xu Danping
ClientSuzhou Xiangcheng Urban Construction Investment (Group) Co.,Ltd

Vitality Island is located in Yuanhe Hi-Tech Zone of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, China, in the center of the east-west ecological corridor. The design is based on green ecology as a guideline, adapting to the local conditions and shared by all. The project will stimulate different industrial vitality and focus on creating a vibrant center for urban living and providing a healthy lifestyle for the public. With regional upgrading and branding as the main goal, the new engine of Water City is built with "one vitality ring, one axis and three ecological islands".