[antao - ADVENTURE ON THE JUPITER - COVER IMG] Chenbi Photography Studio


Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Lead ArchitectZhan Min
Design TeamShen Chaolei, Zheng Daini, Sun Hangtian, Cai Hantao, Xu Jiayin, Wang Meng, Liu Meng
ClientWuhan Liantou Real Estate Co., Ltd.

We have created a Jupiter-themed discovery playground for little explorers in our community. This is our second planet exploration park after the Mars theme. We extract Jupiter elements into the site to form a rich tour line and original devices suitable for children of different ages to play, hoping to provide children with an immersive planet adventure scene, so that children can feel the unique charm of the interstellar world while playing through the way of education and entertainment, and reach the journey of life that can touch, interact and connect with the heart.