A Studio for Creative Work and Instruction

Project locationSharjah, United Arab Emirates
University/SchoolAmerican University of Sharjah. College of Architecture, Art and Design.
Lead ArchitectAmmar Kalo
Design TeamAbiha Zaidi, Alya Alsarkal, Alya Saeed, Batoul Alasmar, Danah Alsaleh, Dania Hasan, Douha Ahmad, Elham Masoum, Gheed Fekaiki, Haneen Darwish, Jana Diab, Krstin Raed, Lama Al Shadid, Layla Matrahji, Maha Babiker, Mariam Khaireddin, Misbah Ahmad, Nagham Hijazi, Noora Almulla, Raghad Hassan, Rajaa Taye, Ramasha Mashood, Rania Alfakhouri, Razan Hussein, Sahar Bokhary, Sawanjit Takhar, Shahad Maatook, Tala Hassan, Wafa Alfalahi, Zayinab Alsayrafy

This renovation design-build project presents an opportunity to re-evaluate how current studio spaces in a design school are structured, and offer potential solutions that could be implemented in future studios for creative work and instruction. The project consists of large communal tables, multiple types of seating, storage and display solutions, a model making table, as well as an open flexible space that is used for reviews, meetings, among other activities. Fourth year Interior Design students at the American University of Sharjah meticulously designed and built this project over 2 years.