London CATography

University/SchoolUniversity of Ioannina/ School of Fine Arts
Lead ArchitectGeorgina Eleftheraki
Design TeamScientist supervisors: Katerina Kotzia,assistant professor & Korina Filoxenidou, assistant professor/ School of Architecture/ University of Ioannina

The exhibition seeks to be an alternative "cartography" of the London landscape with cats as protagonists in a dual role. Cats as "potential storytellers" become the new, different "eyes" of discovering the place, but also as its basic vital element they are a separate part of its mapping. Inside the urban "labyrinth" of the city, the visitor of the exhibition discovers images, stories, events, myths, snapshots, with cats and its inhabitants as protagonists. The exhibition is organized into four main sections: Atmosphere, Society, Indoors and Outdoors.