[Solmaz Primavera - Re-Puzzle Modular Furniture - COVER IMG] Images by Polina Zamora

Re-Puzzle Modular Furniture

LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanySolmaz Primavera
Lead DesignerSolmaz(Fatemeh) Fooladi
Design TeamCollaborated with DDock

RE-Puzzle introduces an eco-conscious circular furniture system, blending sustainability with modular design for versatile interiors, fostering creativity and resilience. Notable for circular flexibility and sustainable post-consumer materials, it exudes an eclectic aesthetic. The modular layout ensures adaptability, Dutch post-consumer influences adding distinction. Encouraging interactive user engagement, customization, and mindful repurposing, it utilizes post-consumer mtls including plastics, metals, fabrics, and OSB-wood, employing innovative techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing.