[CSWADI - Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery - COVER IMG] Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery View from the Lake, Photographer:Arch-Exist

Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery

Firm LocationChengdu, China
Lead ArchitectLiu Yi
Design TeamNian SHE,Can ZHANG,Xin ZHENG,Xun Ll,Dongliang XU,Chen Yuan, Shi Bowen, Shi Xiaoting, Liu Jincai, Feng Ting, Qiu Liyang, Fang Hao, Li Jingbo, Liang Qinghua, Zhang Zhixiong
ClientChengdu City Construction Investment & Managenment Group Co,Ltd

Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery Makes a hit the moment she reveals herself with symbolic sculptural curve, adding charm to the city as a new landmark. Beyond the impressive image, the work shows deeper thinking towards the relations with natural environment, as well as the function, the space experience, the structure and the materials. Inside the gallery, visitors can enjoy a new way of admiring the art works in the changing exhibition areas. Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery explains the relations between Space and Art works, providing an example for the following ones.