[Atelier Deshaus - Taoyiqiu Memorial - COVER IMG] View from the front courtyard to the front hall / Su Shengliang

Taoyiqiu Memorial

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationKunshan, Jiangsu, China
CompanyAtelier Deshaus
Lead ArchitectChen Yifeng, Ma Danhong
Design TeamChen Yifeng, Ma Danhong, Liang Jun, Du Shangfang, Zhang Zhun, Chen Xuejian

Tao Yiqiu is a legendary figure in the Resistance against Japanese Aggression in Kunshan. He founded the first local Counter-Japanese armed force in 1939. The design of the memorial considers visitors’ emotional needs nowadays, taking the project as a place to preserve and pass down memories. It’s a tranquil place with a sense of transcendence, casting to the sky and the grass. Visitors can detach from the mundane, focus on what is being seen and heard and reflect on life by honoring the legend.