Current music scene, Youth and cultural center and library in Rennes. France

Firm LocationStrasbourg, France
Project locationRennes. France
CompanyDominique Coulon & Associés
Lead ArchitectDominique Coulon
Design TeamProject manager : Dominique Coulon & associés / Architects: Dominique Coulon / Project supervision : Hugo Maurice / Assistant architects: Lukas Unbekandt, Thibaut Muller, Diego Bastos-Romero and Olivier Poulat / Site supervision: Hugo Maurice
ClientCity of Rennes

The almost maze like layouts reveal the complexity of the interweaving programmes and their layers. Like a Raum, the unusual scaled plan emphasizes an apparent absence of hierarchy. The crossings and intertwining paths are aimed at better highlighting the programmes. Here is an architecture of the interstice, an architecture of the crevice. On the outside, the black mass of the building contrasts with the luminosity of the interior spaces. The media library catches the light on all four sides as if it were evading from this thick, compact mass.