Hohhot Qingshuihe County Museum

Firm LocationUlanqab, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
CompanyInner Mongolian Grand Architecture Design CO.,LTD.
Lead ArchitectZhang Pengju
Design TeamZhang Heng, Cao Jing, Zhang Yu, Han Chao, Guo Xiaxia, Gao Zhifeng
ClientQingshuihe County Museum

The design of the Hohhot Qingshuihe County Museum stands out for its consideration of the social and cultural nature of architecture. The building volume is divided into two parts to highlight the unique architectural concept of giving way to social public accessibility and a built-in urban space. It is also exemplary in sustainable design by adopting ecological soil covering strategy. The project has put forward a new solution to the urgent needs of local ecological restoration and natural landscape reconstruction, it also offers an innovative lifestyle for local people.