[KRIS YAO | ARTECH - Han Pao-Teh Memorial Museum - COVER IMG] Contrast of light and shadow, grey and red in the exhibition room / ©Shephotoerd Co.

Han Pao-Teh Memorial Museum

Firm LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Project locationTainan, Taiwan
Lead ArchitectKris Yao

The memorial museum pays homage to the late Mr. Han Pao-Teh, a seminal figure of modern architecture in Taiwan. The concept of ‘a cube within a cube’ was carried out with a geometric configuration of architectural concrete, referring to Han’s many faces of knowledge. After ascending the low-rise steps above the pool, visitors enter the 13.5-meters tall exhibition space, intruded by a cubic mass above as if untouched by gravity. A theatrical stair traveling in and out leads to the top, and the sharp contrast of light and shadow creates a melodramatic atmosphere throughout the museum.