"SKY MIRRORS" Jingtiantai Cliffs Liquor Culture Experience Centre Of Langjiu Estate

Firm LocationParis, France
CompanyZone of Utopia + Mathieu Forest Architecte + LIN Xiaoguang Studio
Lead ArchitectQiang ZOU , Mathieu FOREST, Xiaoguang LIN
Design TeamTeng ZENG, Di WU, Zhuang WANG, Jia MA, Fang GAO, Qijun XUE, Arnaud MAZZA, Edgardo BARROS TORO,Yihe XIE, Gaofeng LI, Caiping YANG, Yuyan ZOU, Zhonglun WAN, Wenqian HAN, Qian SHEN, Lyu LYU.
ClientLangjiu Group

The liquor culture experience center of Langjiu estate in Luzhou is a tribute to nature. Located at the top of the mountain, the building is completely buried. It hides underground to keep intact the breathtaking view of the sky and the mountains in the distance. Two mirrors amplify and magnify the landscape: above, the water mirror which doubles the real sky and creates infinity. Below, floating on a mysterious archaeology, the ceiling reflects an artificial constellations created by the suspended lamps which at night are superimposed on the stars in the reflections of the facades.