Chenjiagou · “Impression Tai Chi” Theatre

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationJiaozuo, Henan Province, China
CompanyArchitectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University CO., LTD
Lead ArchitectHongjun Tang
Design TeamHongjun Tang, Wenge Sheng, Tengfei Xu, Xiaoqian Zhang, Yi Zhang, Rongzi Chen, Peiru Li, Yawei Bai, Jixuan Liu
ClientHenan Zhixing Tai Chi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd

Tai Chi culture is one indispensable part of traditional Chinese culture, whose core value is contradiction and unity of opposites. Different from the Western philosophy of “juxtaposition and comparison”, traditional Tai Chi culture is “opposition and integration”, which is known as “the unity of man and nature”. Therefore, designers hope to create a harmonious space that features traditional yet modern, artificial yet natural and civilized yet wild. Distinguished from traditional architectural form, the theatre design draws on the characteristics of Tai Chi culture to create a flexible roof.