[New World China - Shenzhen Prince Bay Project - K11 HACC - COVER IMG] Shenzhen Prince Bay Project - K11 HACC

Shenzhen Prince Bay Project - K11 HACC

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationShenzhen, China
CompanyNew World China
Lead ArchitectDavid Chipperfield Architects Shanghai
Design TeamPartner: David Chipperfield, Mark Randel, Libin Chen / Project Architect: Neeraj Chatterji, Alejandro Felix, Zhexu Du

Inspired by the masterplan, HACC intention to make a public place instead of a singular building is the starting concept. It allows pedestrian access on the second level, and further connect the coast with the adjacent shopping mall. The architectural language of the elevated promenade extends to rest of public space, creating canopies for entrances, and roof terraces. The outdoor space on the ground and upper levels are rich of landscape elements, together with dedicated area for spill-out from interior shops and event space, it creates an informal, casual and active public place.