Primary School at St Fruitòs

Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
CompanyColl-Leclerc, Arquitectos Slp
Lead ArchitectJaime Coll-Judith Leclerc
Design TeamManel Fernandez, BFA (estructura), Maria Lluisa Sanchez, JSS Ing y Arq. SLP, (instalaciones), Aleksandar Ivancic, Aiguasol (energia i sostenibilidad), Enric Peña AT3, (presupuesto)

The Pla del Puig school is located on the southern edge of Sant Fruitós, between the urban and agricultural areas. We place the proposal to the north of the site, which is the consolidated urban façade, leaving the rest of the site free with a good south orientation and a more respectful relationship between the sports court and the natural environment playground. The school will be organized as a transition space between the urban and rural environment, with transition spaces (passageway and courtyards) and internal relationship spaces that will function as free-use classrooms