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Chengdu Montpellier Primary School Extension Design

Firm LocationChengdu, China
Project locationChengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Lead ArchitectHuaihai Huang
Design TeamArchitecture:Yang Zhou,Bo Yin,Youheng Fan,Weiyang Tong,Heng Wang,Hao Wei,Zhuang Zhang,Yenan Zhao,Lin ZhengLi;Structure:Guoping Deng, Huan Zhong;Water Supply and Drainage:Qiangjian Zhou,Ran Deng, Heyuan Xu;HVAC: Wei Chen ,Dizhan Xiong;Electrical:Xingyu Zhong,Feng Yao, Qiang Yu, Lan Lei, Haili Yu;Curtain Wall Major:Hongmei Mo,Jiancheng Luo;Architectural Physics:Yanling Qiu;Cost Control:Zhouxin Yi
ClientChengdu Hi-Tech Investment Construction Development Co., Ltd 

Distinct from regular Chinese primary schools, we introduced an open garden in center of the campus. The natural topographical feature gives steps, grass slopes, elevated floors, together with corridors, creating space for all-day activities. Pupils are encouraged to discover and learn from nature. Hexagon-shaped classrooms are used to support the thematic teaching requirement of the school. Partition panels between classrooms can be removed, allowing the classroom to expand, even to corridors, responding to teaching requirement and the unique climate character of Chengdu.