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Lanserhof Sylt

Firm LocationDüsseldorf, Germany
Companyingenhoven associates
Lead ArchitectChristoph Ingenhoven
Design TeamChristoph Ingenhoven, Moritz Krogmann, Anette Büsing, Andreas Crynen, KarMin Shim, Juan Pereg, Mina Rostamiyanmoghadam, Ian Chow, Martin Trawinski, Philipp Neumann, Florian Jung, Kiara Helk
ClientLHS Grund 5 GmbH & Co. KG

In close cooperation with the nature conservation authorities, we designed the medical health resort. The contemporary interpretation of the dune landscape combines maximum comfort with the highest ecological standards and shapes the design of Lanserhof. Even from a distance, the new buildings impress with overhanging, thatched roofs. Taken together, they form the largest thatched roof in Europe with 7,100 square metres. The concept is based on reduction, luxury in design here does not mean opulence. A close relationship between man and nature, a fine interplay of interior and exterior.