[Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates - Shenzhen Center - COVER IMG] Shenzhen Centre, Shenzhen IMAGE: Ztpvision

Shenzhen Center

Firm LocationLondon , United Kingdom
Project locationShenzhen, China
CompanyKohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Lead ArchitectMustafa Chehabeddine
ClientGemdale Group

A landmark tower and engaging public spaces that integrate with the subway network, the Shenzhen Centre serves as a vital and active core to the Central Business District. The super-tall tower creates an iconic presence, while the podium is a retail mall which defines a major public space, forming the backdrop for art and cultural activities. A shorter, residential tower, overlooks the extensive roof garden on the shared podium. Throughout the project, the fluid design, sinuous curves and rich materiality were inspired by nature, referencing Chinese landscapes and culture.