Pearl International Financial Center

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectShih-I Chou
Design Team Methanee Massirart, 吴晓华, 加桦林, 周奎亘, Joan Pujol, Ruben Vizner, 严恺, 许玮, 陈淑君, 邵丹珺, Gerardo Martinez, Marcos Corbal
Client Heng Ming Zhu Group

The city hopes this project can revitalize, upgrade and bring back this region's vanishing glory. The parcel is facing the main street on the north and east, with a zoning requirement of public open space at north. The total GFA is 93,000 square meters with programs of office, hotel, and retail. Our design goal is to create an exquisite landmark tower with beauty, elegance, and simplicity. The tower's design concept is the Magnolia flower bud, a local flower species. Vertically curved massing, corner cut, and facade rim gently sculpt and accentuate the flower petals expression for tower.