[GENETO Architect's - KANOLLY Resorts  - COVER IMG] Photo by: Yasutake Kondo


Firm LocationKyoto-City, Japan
Project locationHakuba, Nagano, Japan
CompanyGENETO Architect's
Lead ArchitectKoji Yamanaka
Design TeamYuji Yamanaka, Asako Yamashita, Mitsuteru Nakada, Tetsuya Hosonami
ClientBeatus inc.

The hotel is located in Hakuba, Nagano, Japan. Many hotels have been built in Hakuba in recent years and only a few are designed to allow guests to enjoy Hakuba's natural beauty throughout the year. We designed this hotel in search of an appearance that is unique to Hakuba and that should be in harmony with the natural surroundings all year round. We thought about how to create an experience and luxury that would not be as glamorous as overseas, but would be relaxing, with a sense of Japanese wabi-sabi, and a feeling of nature as if you were back in your hometown.